Driving With a Suspended License in Texas

Driving with a suspended license in the State of Texas is a criminal offense. What this means if you are caught behind the wheel of a vehicle, driving on public roads, and are pulled over by the police for any reason, you just bought yourself a one-way ticket to jail.

The Houston Police Will Arrest You

From time to time, the Houston police have been known to work with people, and let them off on some petty offenses they are caught engaged in, while driving. Even possession of small amounts of marijuana may be overlooked, but if you are found to have been driving with a suspended license, they may treat you like a felony suspect and arrest you with the aggressiveness best reserved for murderers and child molesters.


Penalties for DWLS (Driving While License Suspended)

If you are found guilty for driving with a suspended license you are looking at a Class B Misdemeanor, and possibly a Class A Misdemeanor for habitual offenders, and up to 180 days in jail.

Talk with a Houston Defense Attorney

Just bonded out of jail and looking ahead to a court day? We recommend consulting with a lawyer in Houston with experience dealing with these matters. Who knows? You may luck up on a top notch criminal attorney that gets the case thrown out of court.

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